How Are Bag Manufacturers Preparing to Combat Bans?

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Source: Plastics News – Hilex Poly buys world’s largest paper bag maker
The issue of plastic bag bans across the globe is a highly controversial one, however the indisputable fact remains that many bag manufacturers find themselves scrambling to diversify their portfolios to protect themselves from legislation. The city of Chicago is just one of the most recent cities to create independent legislation which prohibits the use of standard plastic bags; many feel that despite the financial impacts of these bans, it is very likely that North America could follow Europe in the spirit of heavy legislation.

This week, Hilex Poly announced their acquisition of Duro Bag, the largest paper bag manufacturer in the world. This instantly gives an alternative option for Hilex in the face of looming action, as paper is a simple solution which early legislation has appeared to welcome.

To date, bag manufacturers have historically built their product portfolios off the low price of durable, petroleum-based plastics such as LLDPE. However, as sustainability becomes more and more of a hot topic, manufacturers have begun evaluating the process of making their products compostable and biodegradable. Unfortunately, such a solution has routinely been avoided due to cost pressures as a result of manufacturing bags made of aliphatic polyesters or other high priced degradable resins such as PLA or PHA. To date, this switch has just not been practical for most producers.

To help bag manufacturers combat this challenge, Genarex is pleased to present customers with its BYLOX bio-based additive products. BYLOX was recently validated via ASTM D6866 as being over 98% bio-based and has shown the early ability to compost and biodegrade alongside similarly sustainable resins such as PLA. More importantly, BYLOX is available at pricing below typical virgin polyolefin resins, which help customers bridge the gap to their financial objectives.