New BYLOX™ HT and BYLOX™ Plus Concentrated Additives Heat Up “Green” Market With Thermal Stability Up to 275 C, Offering Unprecedented New Application Flexibility

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NEW YORK, NY, September 10, 2014 – With the highest temperature stabilities and lowest color and odor signatures of any Concentrated Additive, new BLYOX HT and BYLOX Plus have dramatically increased the segments in which it’s now possible to manufacture affordable green products. “Food packaging, commercial packaging, and automotive components are just the beginning of what we’re sure will be a rapidly expanding number of segments where it’s now cost-effective and profitable to make affordable green products,” says Bob Montgomery, Genarex VP of Sales and Product Development.

BYLOX HT carries a processing window of up to 275°C, making it compatible with materials including PET, polyethylene, propylene, and all types of polyesters and polyurethanes. And near-zero odor production makes BYLOX HT perfect for food packaging, commercial packaging, and agricultural films. “The versatility of HT gives manufacturers even more cost-effective, profitable ways to tap into the growing consumer demand for affordable green packaging,” says Montgomery.

Dramatically expanded color is the story for BYLOX Plus, which is temperature stable up to 220°C. Like HT, its low odor signature makes it a great choice for high impact food and commercial packaging, as well as agricultural films.

In most cases, BYLOX can be added up to 10-30% without sacrificing material performance and properties. Genarex offers BYLOX materials at no charge for capability sampling in specific market applications and products, as well as product evaluations, cost-out, and cost/benefit models. “We’re working very closely with our customers to ensure smooth adoption and integration with their existing and tooling processes,” says Montgomery.

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View BYLOX in the USDA’s BioPreferred™ online product catalog.

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