More End Users Turn To Bioplastics for New Applications

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Source: MulitBriefs – Bioplastic applications rapidly developing across major markets
An ever-increasing amount of OEM’s are turning to new, creative biobased materials to provide a more sustainable solution to their customers. Bioplastics, bioadditives, and anaerobically compostable materials and their widespread adoption are featured in an exciting recent article by Donald Rosato.

The various featured applications in this article navigate a delicate balance between cost and functionality. There are some low cost fillers discussed, as well as some sophisticated, high-end bioplastics which bring to the market promising performance at a premium price.

The interest in biomaterials and a clear desire to manage financial obligations is very exciting news. Genarex has recently introduced its newest bioadditive, BYLOX HT, which helps customers who seek prime product performance at a price discount with a terrific sustainable story for their customers.

Although only a few months old, BYLOX HT has already demonstrated very intriguing results which can be translated across a broad spectrum of binder resins and conversion technologies. Materials from polyolefins to biodegradable resins such as PLA, PHA, or PBAT can be injection molded, thermoformed, or extruded. This additive, which is available at a lower cost than virgin polyolefins, offers an unprecedented level of thermal stability and ductility amongst its bioadditive peers, and does so with a near-zero odor profile.

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