USDA Certified BYLOX HT as being at least 98%+ Biobased!

genarex Blog

We are happy to announce that earlier this week, we received official notification that BYLOX HT has been certified to be at least 98% + Biobased in accordance with ASTM D6866 standards. The voluntary biobased labeling system allows Genarex and its partners to qualify BYLOX and BYLOX HT composites based on this biobased designation.

Alongside this designation, BYLOX and BYLOX HT have exhibited decomposition under the ASTM D6400 test in neat form and alongside PLA, wherein the products are anaerobically compostable!

It is exciting to see BYLOX and BYLOX HT composites continue to grow in popularity and be sought out by more partners seeking low cost, sustainable solutions. Whether added to durable polymers such as LDPE, HDPE, PP, or PVC, or in biodegradable composites such as PLA and PBAT, BYLOX and BYLOX HT offer a 12-month renewable product which is 100% made in the United States with functional and financial benefits forto everyone involved.