Is Now the Time to Create Your Long-Term Biobased Strategy?

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As we move ever closer to NPE and companies scramble to align their messaging, values, and capabilities, it seems apparent that 2015 is a year that carries with it a great deal of optimism. Global markets are performing admirably, and low raw material costs have taken some pressure off everyone in the plastics industry. Each step of the existing supply chain for petrochemical manufacturing has breathed a sigh of relief.

This is especially true here in North America, where a boom in shale gas production has led to major manufacturers reinvesting in the region, leading to significant reshoring efforts and sizable increases in production capacities. The industry seems comfortable with a certain degree of confidence surrounding the relative stability in the oil-driven markets, which is unfamiliar ground for all of us.

As an OEM, now seems to be the perfect time to make sound, unemotional decisions around the acceptance of sustainable products into your supply chain. Rubber has met the proverbial road on bioplastics and biobased materials, as oil-borne cost certainty has underscored the true expense of adapting some of the alternative materials available in the market.

As Genarex prepares to join the plastics market at NPE (Booth S17065), we are very happy with the balance that we represent for manufacturers. BYLOX and BYLOX HT are additive systems which have been proven out as highly compatible for both the heavily-vested bioplastics solutions (such as green PE, PLA, PHA, and PBAT), as well as working exceptionally well with customers seeking to simply compliment their petrochemical product offering (laying up extremely well in polyolefins, flexible PVC, and many more materials).

However you decide to configure your supply chain to meet both your financial and sustainability goals, we look forward to helping meet your targets – and seeing you at the show!