Who We Are

Genarex is a new and innovative technology company who produces cost effective and highly functional fillers for the plastics, foam and adhesive markets.

Genarex is capable of producing its advanced products at disruptive cost efficiencies due to its ability to source raw materials from abundant sources of otherwise low value byproduct streams. Enormous volumes of clean, agricultural residues are discarded daily by essentially every industry processing agricultural products. Genarex evaluates the constituents within these industries and their corresponding byproduct streams in an effort to source its raw materials at exceptionally low costs.

By doing so, Genarex is able to source high volumes of quality plant based raw materials without consuming any additional farmland, fertilizer, farming labor or hauling costs.

Genarex efficiently extracts valuable components from within these byproduct streams and then further processes these materials into valuable biofillers that deliver real, renewable value to the end user.

Genarex takes pride in the fact that the entire supply chain benefits from its innovations starting with the farmer and ending with that of the consumer of the final products created. Whether Genarex biofillers are used to cost dilute a significant portion of petroleum-based or plant-based plastics, Genarex leaves all consumers feeling better about the products they purchase.

Our Core Values


It is in our corporate DNA to never be satisfied with the status quo, to never stop innovating. Thomas Edison once said, “There’s a way to do it better – find it” and that is what we strive for at Genarex. We feel that in order to achieve our goals as a company, we need to continually look forward and evaluate every aspect of our business, because if we are not moving forward, we are standing still.

Environmental Stewardship

Genarex realizes that our earth is a shared and finite resource, one that needs to be protected for the betterment of future generations. We believe that through our products we can bring about transformative change to the environment by reducing the use of non-renewable materials and replacing them with clean, renewable alternatives. We believe that our ability to safeguard the environment is not just our job, but our duty.

Value Add

Genarex prides itself on manufacturing products and solutions that not only provide positive lasting effects to the environment, but also add real value to our partners.  It is true when they say that everybody wants to be green, but the bottom line ends a lot of those conversations.  However Genarex feels that you can do both: bring substantial environmental and economic value to your end products through the use of renewable, biobased, cost-effective materials.

Team Work

Whether collaborating internally on projects or achieving goals with partners in business, team work is the foundation on which Genarex feels success is built. We understand that not all applications are the same and that results take time, effort and collaboration with our partners and we are committed to finding the right solution, not just a solution.