BYLOX Biofillers

Genarex has positioned BYLOX as a biofiller for plastics that is derived from an abundant, rapidly renewable, plant-based waste stream. It is a material that has been tested in a multitude of conversion technologies such as injection molding, blown film, cast film, thermoforming, profile extrusion and more, all with a high degree of success.

Multiple grades of BYLOX have been incorporated at loading levels as high as 40% into finished formulations alongside traditional petroleum-based plastics and bioplastics without compromising performance. Ultimately, BYLOX is a material that has the ability to change the landscape of the plastics industry by introducing a biofiller that provides transformative cost savings across numerous applications without sacrificing performance or functionality.



Genarex’s BYLOX LT is limited only by means of thermal stability as it cannot exceed 190 C. BYLOX LT is rich in amino acids and hemicellulose to produce a unique and desirable plasticizing effect within many formulations. This feature alongside its very small and malleable size, allow it to be exceptionally suited as a functional filler in thin film applications.


  • Thermally Stable up to 190 C
  • Unparalleled Ductility
  • Low Cost vs Virgin Resins


BYLOX HT was developed to target those applications requiring higher thermal stability than that of BYLOX LT. BYLOX HT’s analytical signature is one representing mostly thermally stable amino acids and lignin. Substitution of the hemicellulose present within BYLOX LT with that of plant derived phenolic structures creates a more thermally stable product while maintaining, although to a lesser extent, the ductile properties of the filler. These features allow BYLOX HT to be suited as a functional filler in thermoformed sheet, injection molding and polyurethane foam applications.


  • Thermally Stable up to 250 C
  • Particle Size of <25 micron
  • Low Cost vs Virgin Resins


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BYLOX biofillers are offered in highly concentrated masterbatch form, fully let down compounds or in powder form and are compatible with most petroleum-based resins and bioplastics. We can improve your sustainability story or help you strive for previously impossible cost targets.

BYLOX Biofiller Applications

The application use for BYLOX is far reaching due to its ability to process in most conversion technologies. Below is a summary of some applications that have been explored to date for BYLOX.

Biodegradable Mulch Films

Compostable Bags

Floor Backing

BYLOX LT serves as an outstanding plasticizer, resin extender and cost diluent for biodegradable polymers. By loading formulations with BYLOX LT and other low cost fillers, OEMs can save money without compromising end of life considerations.

With its ultrafine particle size and ductility, BYLOX LT can process very easily into extremely thin films, retaining outstanding toughness at very low cost alongside a host of biodegradable polymer systems.

With its unique, generally round shape, BYLOX HT serves as a low cost, low specific gravity anisotropic biofiller. BYLOX HT allows OEMs to extend performance while reducing cost and introducing biobased content.

  • Product: BYLOX LT
  • Retain Ductility
  • Maintain Biodegradability
  • Product: BYLOX LT
  • Retain Ductility
  • Industrial Compostable
  • Product: BYLOX HT
  • Dimensional Stability
  • Meets Thermal Stability

Thermoformed Sheet

Injection Molding

Foam Systems

BYLOX HT has hydrophobic characteristics after processing. This allows thermoformers to introduce this low cost biofiller to various products without special handling considerations.

BYLOX HT can replace talc as a dimensional stabilizing filler to reduce warpage in complex parts. This offers significant weight reduction and biobased content without adding cost.

BYLOX HT can act in filled polyol systems for PUR foams as well as in PLA-based and other EPS-replacement foams which may be biodegradable.

  • Product: BYLOX HT
  • Process Versatility
  • Reduce Cost Volatility
  • Product: BYLOX HT
  • Reduce Warpage
  • Weight Out vs. Other Fillers
  • Product: BYLOX HT
  • Improve Compressive Strength
  • Retain Thermal Insulation